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Who is considered a Hero?

All Sworn and Active Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement. (Police, Sheriff, ATF, FBI, GBI, US Marshal, Secret Service, etc).  Must be able to show Law Enforcement ID.  

All Active Firefighters and EMS. Must be able to show Firefighter/EMS/Paramedic ID.

All Retired Law Enforcement and Fire/EMS.  Must be able to show Retiree ID.

All Active Duty and Reserve Duty Military. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. Must be able to show Military ID.  

All Honorably Discharged Veterans.  Must be able to show Retiree ID, Driver's License with Veteran Designation, or DD214.  If DD214 is used as ID, a government issued photo ID must also be provided.

The majority of offers found in our magazine and online include everyone listed above. However, some offers are intended for military only or first responders only.  Please check specific offer for details and restrictions.

Why are we helping?

We appreciate our military, veteran and first responder personnel for their service! Real Hero Report enables business owners to say thank you to our heroes by offering these men and women discounts on goods and services. 

Participating businesses are able to take advantage of affordable, effective advertising to grow their businesses with a loyal customer base.  

I am interested in advertising with Real Hero Report.  How can I find out more?

Call us at 678-435-9346 or email us at  We would love to promote your business to almost 40,000 military, veterans and first responders and families across the 15 counties of Metro Atlanta!

Do I need to be in uniform to take advantage of these offers?

Please check the ad or coupon for specific details and restrictions. The majority of the time, the deals offered in our publication do not require the recipient to be in uniform.  However, you will likely be asked to show proof of service.

How can I help?

If you are redeeiming an offer or discount, please make sure to thank the business owner or manager!  When tipping, please tip based on the original total before the discount is factored in.

If you are interested in advertising your business, please contact us at

If you are a military, veteran, or rirst responder owned business, please ask us about special advertising rates!

What if I run into an issue when using a discount?

Please remember that our participating businesses are offering these discounts to honor you. It is rare, but there may be times when an issue could arise. In the event that you encounter any problems using an offer found in our magazine or online, please contact us at